I Think We May Have Jumped the Gun

Having two dogs and an infant combined with two sleep-deprived adults can often lead to ridiculous things. The road trip was one of them….this is yet another.

Baby sleeping with the non-offending dog

I don’t remember exactly when this happened. I just remember that L had been moved to his own room but was still waking up a few times a night, so let’s say around 6 months. Like I said, he was waking up fairly often still, so when he woke up that night, I mechanically went in there to get him. When I opened the door, I walked right into a strong smell of poop. Again, half asleep, I got the baby, turned on the little nightlight above the changing table, and started to change him.

It was only when I got his diaper off that I actually woke up enough to fully process what was even going on. Had there been poop in there, my auto-drive would have changed him and put him back to bed. Lucky for all of us, there was no poop. So this unexpected venture off of normal made me wake up. I put a new diaper on him and took him to our room, so I could turn the light on without waking him up more. I went back to the scene of the crime and flipped on the light switch.

It was disastrous. There was dog shit all in the dog’s bed–and I do mean shit cause dogs don’t poop in the house, they shit in the house. So, it wasn’t immediately apparent that it was shit because it was the kind of bed that had a cover and because the shit wasn’t solid, but the bed was definitely, literally full of shit. There was also a little bit on the carpet outside of the bed. I looked around some more and found more dogs shit on the rugs on the bathroom. The smell was so intense that I honestly, to this day, have no idea how I ever thought it was produced by a baby. Hahaha! #sleepdeprivation

I went to get B. I needed back up. We stood there for a good 30 seconds, just overcome by how awful it was to have to wake up to such nonsense and not just a baby. Then I said:

“Just get rid of everything”

B got a trash bag and put the dog bed and the bathroom rugs in it. Then, she walked it outside to the dumpster. I opened the windows in the room to air out the smell and went to the closet to get the handheld carpet cleaner. By then, B was back (the dumpster was nearby) and I paused to reflect. That’s when I was like:

“I think I may have jumped the gun on throwing everything away”

I was dead serious, but we both just burst out laughing. She was like, “That was literally less than 5 minutes ago!” See, let me tell you something. There should be a warning to anyone caring for a child who wakes you up every 3 hours for any extended period of time (i.e. anything longer than two nights lol) that suggests to avoid making any big decisions. I am usually pretty confident with my decisions, but there were so many times during this period where I was just like, damn, that was probably not the best choice.


Anyway, I cleaned the carpet and closed that room door to let that room sort itself out. Baby slept with us that night and I woke up a few hours later, 5:30a, to go to work. Later, we talked about how, had he not cried, we would have discovered that literal shit hole hours later. And how maybe he was crying because it smelled SO bad. We were also SO lucky that she was nice enough to go in her bed and in the bathroom.

I guess if there was any lesson learned here, it was to proceed with caution when entering a room that reeks. Well, if I’m being honest, we could have washed those things. We ended up having house guests soon after that and had no rugs in this bathroom, so we rushed to Target to get some and they had NOTHING because it was college move-in time. So, there’s that. But really, we survived.

2 thoughts on “I Think We May Have Jumped the Gun

  1. Hmmm…puts a new perspective on the saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” lol. X-)


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